OakleeTrinity is a trading name of Choice Housing Ireland Limited
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Types of Housing

General Family Housing
General Family housing schemes provide affordable family housing to families couples and single people. This type of housing will primarily be apartments and houses.

Sheltered Housing
Sheltered Housing allows tenants to live independently but have on call support from a scheme co-ordinator and an emergency alarm system. This gives tenants peace of mind and a sense of security.
Sheltered housing are groups (schemes) of self contained bungalows or flats which are all connected to a 24 hour emergency alarm system. Most schemes have shared laundry facilities and some also have guest rooms for visitors.

Each scheme has a co-ordinator whose duties include:

  • Contacting tenants regularly to check the are alright;
  • Responding to emergencies, giving emergency aid or calling in for emergency services;
  • Keeping in touch with families and any support services for example, doctors, home helps and social care assistants; and
  • Encouraging tenants to arrange social activities and to make full use of the shared facilities.

Supported Housing
Supported Housing are special scheme where we are able to house people with specific needs such as physical disabilities, learning difficulties or mental health needs. These homes may have special adaptations but we also provide staff who assist residents in their day to day living.